More Tiny Trees!


More Tiny Trees! 00045
Little handmade Christmas trees in green, red and gold decorate delicious chocolates filled with a range of fondant fillings, caramels or marzipan. A cute Christmas gift that's truly unique. Option to add your own personal message on the chocolates, not simply the box.
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Box size Box of 12 (0) Box of 16 (3) Box of 24 (9) Box of 48 (27)
Chocolate Dark (0) Milk (0)
Filling Almond marzipan (0) Caramel selection (0) Summer fruit flavours (0) Tropical flavours (0) Citrus flavours (0) Cappuccino (0) Classic Mint (0) English Rose (0)
16 trees in seasonal colours. A box of 24 or 48 chocolates makes a great gift! More Tiny Trees!